We’re humans

The world is full of good people, but it’s also full of the opposite type. Unfortunately, there’s no evading the second type of people; however, we can learn to handle situations with those people.

Yesterday, I had two customers in my workplace who were quite, to be terribly honest, awful. Over the last three summers, I’ve been lucky enough to have not encountered a person as terrible as these two, but that meant I didn’t exactly know how to handle the situation; the only “resourceful” knowledge I had came from Googling “how to handle difficult customers” earlier in the season. Therefore, I was feeling pretty lost in the woods. I tried my best to hide my frustration and anger at them, but, after they left, I broke down.

Despite the fact that I put my best foot forward and did everything right in that situation, I still beat myself up about it. I felt, and, honestly, still feel pretty embarrassed that I let a customer emotionally upset me, but I’ve realized that I need to just let it go. It’s in the past, I’ve learned from my experience, and I know how to handle the situation the next time it occurs (though I straight up hope that it just doesn’t). My dad said something to me that I should really consider, too: “You’re human, Kelsey. It’s okay.”

He’s right. I’m human; we’re all humans. Those customers are humans, too. Perhaps they didn’t realize how they were making me feel, or maybe they were having a bad day, week, or year. I don’t know what is going on in their life—even though a bad day is no excuse to treat another human poorly—so I will respond to their concerns kindly and with patience.

Customer service is pretty similar to life—no one likes the difficult customers or family members, friends, teammates, patients, etc., but encountering them is inevitable.


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