Just jump

If I flap my arms hard enough, I will fly. I will fly off this front porch just like a bird. I jumped. I landed on the sidewalk. If I flap my arms harder, I will fly this time. I can do this. I jumped. Again, I landed on the sidewalk. “Sweetie, what are you … More Just jump

Greatest powers

I lay in my bed at 11:21 PM trying to finish this blog post—just as I have been trying for the past nine days. I’m having great difficulties in determining how to get my message across without the interplay of my own emotions. As a result of my emotions, I’ve decided to scrap each and … More Greatest powers

Freewrite #1

This semester, one of the courses I enrolled in was an English class that focuses specifically on academic essay writing. I had decided to take this course for a few different reasons: A) I have taken a class with the professor of this course before, and I (somewhat) know what to expect B) I expect … More Freewrite #1


I promised myself I would never write a single afflicting word about you again. However, that idea is far-fetched. You walked into my life as bold as the high-pitched chirps of the songbird outside my bedroom window singing into the crisp morning air. I was so naïve and full of hope. Love is society’s most … More Hidden

Eight eyes*

*A new version of my first blog post — I don’t typically use the word ‘hate’, but I hate spiders. I always have. It’s likely that I always will. Go ahead and roll your eyes at me, but I’m the girl who will see a spider and scream for someone to come and kill it. And if the spider … More Eight eyes*